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Jacob Zocherman grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden and graduated from high school 2000. Three years later he studied Journalism and after numerous trips to Asia and South America his interest for photography grew. Together with these experiences impacts from photos from the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur made him study Photojournalism at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall.


In 2009 Jacob lived in Nairobi and then moved to New York where he worked as assistant to Mr. James Nachtwey.


2009 Jacob became a member of swedish photojournalist agency Kontinent.


In January 2010 Jacob was one of the first photographers in the earthquake struck Port Au Prince in Haiti. Since then he has documented conflicts, natural-disasters and social issues in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


2014 Jacob was chosen as a mentee for multimedia-agency Bombay Flying Club.

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