South Sudan diary (2014-15)

On December 15, 2013, only two and a half years after the birth of the nation, an internal power struggle between Salva Kiir and ousted vice president, Riek Machar escalated into bloody conflict with ethnic undertones. Juba exploded in violence and cleansing along ethnical lines believed to have claimed thousands of lives within some days. Around Christmas the conflict had spread outside Juba into several parts of the country.

This is the story of what happened after the first shockwave of fighting, a diary that spans over 372 days when the country fell apart. Not in a massive battle, but slowly as the structures of the young nation dissolved bit by bit as a result of the conflict becoming more complicated and a solution more unrealistic since the peace talks repeatedly failed which divided the warring parties even more. At the same time humanitarian-crisis escalated and people inside and outside the country borders feared the worst:

If peace does not come: South Sudan might not exist anymore.

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