Central African Republic (2013)

After a bloody struggle earlier in the year (2013), Séléka, a new rebel coalition took power in the Central African Republic (CAR). Since independence 1960, plagued by military coups and armed conflicts, the country today is just as forgotten, as it is chaotic. According to the United Nations there are more than 200,000 displaced people within the country’s borders (and 50,000 in neighboring countries) who have recently fled from a variety of threats: Séléka rebels, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), rebels from Chad, or from other armed groups in the country. Recently there has been an embargo on CAR’s biggest source of export, diamonds. This leaves many within the population without income. In CAR hunger spares no one. It strikes in villages, along roads, in broken hospital bunks where the country’s children languish and die in secret. It happens every day, without notice. And as if famine was not enough, Séléka rebels, many of them young children, are also a constant threat. The rebels take what they want because they are also hungry. Anyone who refuses them pays a high price and recently massacres of civilians have increased rapidly.

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