mat_0168wPleased to see that my photo-essay “Behind the frontlines” is on display in Madrid at Luis Valtuena Award-expo. Currently around 2 million people have fled their homesĀ as an effect of the South sudanese civil war and the humanitarian situation is dire with no real signs of improvement.


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Was reached by the news from IRIN news agency that one of our collaborations have been nominated as one of the four finalists in AIDEX Photojournalist Award.

Humbled to have been selected and happy to shed some light on the situation in South Sudan since I left some months ago.

But sad that situation does not change…

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Got word from Italy where my story “Behind the front lines” was awarded a honorable mention in the Siena International Photography award.

The story is about the civil war in South Sudan and what happens to the women left behind the lines of war when the men have picked up weapons.

The personal reflection while working on this, was, that as in many other war torn places, the women are paying a high price in armed conflict but most often are forgotten because they don’t become heroes while harvesting the crop, raising the children and look after the house. But yet without them, in the rage of fighting, the hole structure of society would fall apart.

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